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For every Woman ready to reclaim her Magnetic Presence, and

live a turned on life filled with Pleasure, Confidence and Abundance


Reclaim your Erotic Power & The MAGNETIC WOMAN within you

A Magnetic Woman, deeply know who she is, what she wants and how to get it

She claims herself no matter what, she is not here for a plan B, 

She deeply knows down in the core of her being who she is,

she's the one that dares to claim big and that knows that is just

a matter of time to make things happening

She is connected to her Erotic Pulse and lives a turned on life

She lives from a place of possibilities creating the life she has always dreamt of

She knows her power, she's highly connected to her intuition and knows the depths of her Soul

She has transcended the Ego conditionings that have kept her small, and reclaimed her unique power into the world.

She is unleashed in her sexuality and she embodies effortlessly the Art of freedom & abundance

She is within you, ready for you!



has fire in her belly, the woman that chooses

to unleash the depths of her Eros, embody her feminine power

and be met in her deepest desires






Claim that is time to say the biggest YES to yourself

Claim that you  WORTHY, worthy of BIG, sensational, best

Claim that your deepest DESIRES are magnetising   

Claim that this you are doing it and that this is going to  COMPLETELY change your life in the best way possible  

Yes, that's right we go first and life responds..


'Working with Isabel was a potent somatic unfolding of reclaiming my true erotic femininity, my voice, pressed part of sovereignty'

 You were able to connect to your Eros, to your pleasure, your turn on  EVERY time you want

You were feeling so comfortable in your body, to open up and welcome the intimacy

career & relationships you've always desired deep within?

Imagine feeling so worthy turned on and abundant and joyful  in all areas of your life

Imagine feeling empowered in your erotic expression, sexy, alive and free

Imagine attracting the perfect relationship or being able to thrive your current one.

Imagine claiming the powerful woman you are and make bold moves for the life, career and money you want.

Mastering your Magnetic Presence is the foundation, the confidence to live your BIG dreams,

is moving from trying to, to MAGNETISING


What if

Awww... I know this very well!

This is my story, a story that has been a very painful yet empowering to move through.

That's why I have created a mapping for you to dismantle this,

to move from your self-sabotage and old patterns and fully choose yourself.


Eros is the gateway of your power

How would your life be different  if you were
to fully unleash your feminine power and live from your Eros, Turn on, in Intimacy, Relationships and Leadership?



Are you ready to

  • Access a next level pleasure

  • Reclaim your feminine power, from old patterns of collapse/victim control/ exhaustion into claiming, opening, 

  • Unleash your sexuality in a safe container

  • Move from attracting unavailable partners to open up to be honoured and loved in your fullness

  • Claim the deepest yearnings of your Soul and open up to receive what you deeply desire 

  • Move from scarcity of love, sexuality and finances to owning your power

  • Feel wildly worthy to live a Turned on life

  • Start putting yourself first

  • Say YES to Self Mastery and expand your capacity to hold bigger, better, deeper, next level expansion and fulfilment

  • Unleash your voice and learn the art of power through speaking

  • Move from trying to/ pushing to magnetising

  • Feel safe to be seen the extraordinary woman that you are

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and find your uniqueness

  • Feel beautiful/ sexy/ empowered to have a relationship you desire the success?

  • Shift the idea that others might have something, you don't have, that's why they can get what they desire, and actually come into full alignment with the infinite potential that you are



Attracted the one, partners and lovers that fully meets them in their full radiance and needs

Awakened their sexual nature, feeling confident and sexy in their body

Met the one

Built a family

Had the best lovers, sex of their life

Healed from past trauma, conditionings and beliefs that kept them from putting themselves

out there and claimed their power

Reconnected to their creative expression, created new businesses, took their work to a next level,

made more income than ever... and so much more!


Hi, I'm Isabel

I'm devoted to pleasure, beauty, depth and to support women stepping into their feminine power and to fully thrive in all areas of their life, with pleasure & abundance 

I effortlessly give Permission for 'women to awaken their erotic presence

and I love creating really safe containers for women to open up

to their most delicious selves and live a turned-on life

I stepped fully into this path during the biggest grief of my life.

I've learned on my body how to embrace pleasure even when everything else

falls apart, I've learned how to CLAIM IT ALL AND HOLD IT ALL

Eros is my lover, and so I trust my turn on to guide me to elevate my essence

beyond any comprehension



It was a time when I was disconnected from allowing any time of intimacy,

I was avoiding my feelings I was playing 'the strong, independent women and

I didn't realise how that was affecting my relationships, sexuality and self worth.

I was often feeling depressed, not good enough, collapsed, hopeless and lonely.

I was playing small or 'trying to do it' as didn't know how to open up to receive,

how to embody the Art of effortlessness, how to have it all and how to listen to

the depths of my Erotic Pulse

My journey in this path has been big, a massive awakening that lead me to know

who I truly am, to fully embrace my potential and my mission.

I moved from


  • Attracting unavailable partners to a healthy relationship.

  • Numbness, collapse to aliveness

  • Feeling lost in my life, to living my purpose

  • Lack of sex in my relationship to thriving back in eroticism

  • Eating disorders to deeply loving food and & my body

  • Feeling shame about feeling good and sexy in my body, (habitual pattern of shrinking) to walk unapologetically in my essence

  • Unworthy to confident, putting myself out there and create abundance with ease, pleasure and alignment 

  • Survival to confidence and abundance

when I said  YES  to myself


'Wow, I left feeling juicy and alive, deeply connected to my sex centre.

It was fun, playful, erotic, I felt I had reconnected to some sleepy parts of me and my wild sexual seductress was woken' 

I will teach you all my secrets 
everything I wish I knew back then!


We will dive into a deep transformational journey, of embodiment, psychosomatic, tantric practices, mindfulness hypnotherapy to deeply embody the Magnetic Woman within you,

the one that is here to create a turned on life,

and lean into that sweet spot between turn on and effortlessness 🫦

​One of my superpowers is to help you to liberate your EROS, and shift old conditionings

until you shed all the unworthiness that is holding you back from attracting everything you desire.

Are you ready to have it all?


This program is not proven only to build eros and sexual empowerment in the bedroom but also to take you on the next level leadership and to crack the blocks of visibility, success and magnetism, in which ever area you want to apply it, and usually all those have a ripple effect when you CLAIM YOURSELF


What's included

14x MODULES/ LECTURES - Released every second week 

  • EMBODIMENT  (M1-2)

​            Reclaim the most powerful version with yourself, and learn how to stay connected

            to this identity 

  • OPENING (M3-4)

            Opening the body to sustain deeper pleasure and eros in the most subtle layers and                   and to open up to receive from a place of effortlessness 


            Moving from unworthiness to magnetism, learn to take up space and being seen and                   met in your deepest desires

  • FREEDOM (M7-8)

            Energetics and abundance of liberation and transform your relationship to power                         through speaking/ public speaking

  • EROS (M9-10)

            Awaken your deep erotic power and live a turned on life, and learn the sacred art of of                 magnetism/ attraction

  • WOMAN (M11-12)

             Unleash the shadows and dark feminine and open up to a turned on multi orgasmic                    sensational life

  • MASTERY (M13-14)

            The art of Mastery, energetics and expand for a bigger, brighter expression of

            who you are

14x LIVE TRANSMISSION CALLS - To deepen the process + group processing +  Q&A 

RECORDED PRACTICES & MEDITATIONS to integrate the modules into your daily life 


Over $8888 worth of value which you'll get for way less


All the calls will be recorded if you can't attend live.

All the content will be available to you for 4 extra months after the end of the course

IMG_8186 3_edited.jpg

Special Bonuses





This year we are having two incredible guest facilitators that will offer a masterclass

to take us into mastery on a whole another level

Let me introduce you to 

FREER BONNE - Transforming your relationship to power through speaking

XXX (Let's call her like this for now) - I will reveal all the juicy details soon


Investment (value 8,888)


(Valid until the 22nd July)



3 months payment - $666

6 months payment - $344

12 months payment - $177


VIP from $3,333 USD

available by application only

This includes 6 (or 12) private coaching sessions to use anytime in the 6 months

+ 1 week (of your choice) unlimited Voxer support p/m

limited  VIP spots available APPLY HERE

Are you ready to have it all?

7 Months to embody & Master the Magnetic Woman within you
awaken your eros, own your power, and claim you YES
to live a turned on life?

What women have experienced

Working with Isabel and getting into my magnetic sensual connection with myself has made

an incredible impact on how I create my own fulfilment daily. 

Isabel creates such a safe space to explore the layers of intimacy and pleasure within,

clearing blocks that I didn’t even know were there. 

The magnetic woman is a beautiful course that has allowed me to expand into new concepts of self connection, flow and trust and I have a thirst to be my most multi-orgasmic pleasure self for soley me,

and embrace that for my experiences on my path!


This learning is so fun for me, as I’m passionate about being in unity with myself

and this education is juicy icing on the cake!

Watch my interview with Suebee a student of The Magnetic Woman 2021.

She shares her amazing transformational journey through the course



Is this a live training?

You will be receiving a pre-recorded module every second week, and have a weekly live calls.

The live calls will be recorded if you can't make it on the day.

How long is the course available for 

The immersion will be available for 3 months after the end of the program

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for this program

I really want to do it but I can't afford it

Sometimes we feel it's never the right time to invest in ourselves. If you are here looking at this page it's because there's a part of you that feels ready.

I know how scary it can be to commit to ourselves to that level, I have been there many times, and every time 

I said yes to myself those experiences have totally changed my life, and you are so worthy!

I had women getting a promotion or signing up clients literally in the same week they said yes to themselves.

If that can support you I am offering up to 12 months payment plans. 

I have empowered many women around finances, one suggestion I can offer you, if you deeply want it,

is to ask yourself how can I make this work?

I just invite you to sit with it, I trust that if a right time things can move around when we open to possibilities, and this is the field of magnetism we are diving into.

Also feel free to reach out for a 20min consultation call, we can connect to your eros and see what

comes from it ;)

Are you offering this program again

Yes, but not until next year, which will probably be in a different format and at a different price.

For any questions or further information contact me here

Thank you, I'll get back to you soon!

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