Unleash your magnetic radiance

and awaken your deepest pleasure


You are worthy of living your deepest desires 

To feel alive, fully alive... and to take up space, 

experiencing the most exquisite Pleasure, the freedom and safety

of being fully yourself running through your body!


Welcome to this space

I'm Isabel,

a Sexuality, Women's Empowerment and Embodiment coach

I support women to experience Epic Pleasure, Confidence and Aliveness in all areas of their lives.

In my work, I combine the wisdom and tools from Modern Psychotherapy, Tantra end Neuroscience

I go deep down to the root beliefs and patterns,

working with deep shadow parts that are keeping you repeating

the same patterns

I support women to:

Embody deep pleasure and freedom.

I guide women to step into their power, to feel wildly worthy






erotic Artistry

20 Sep - 31 Jan

Words from other Women

Karin Louise - relationships and dating coach

Wow! What an incredible journey Isabel has led me through, and I'm forever changed because of it.


I was taken through deep and ten-week gentle and transformative processes that supported my inner child released trauma and healed relationship wounding.


I didn't realise that working through this allowed me to tap into my orgasmic nature

and find pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of my life.

Isabel's intuitive wisdom was exactly what I needed to step into my power and connect to my pleasure.


I felt safe, held and supported by Isabel, and I'm so grateful to have received her love and guidance.


'The stars truly aligned for me meeting the divine Isabel.

Her guidance has brought me beautiful shifts within my self-connection

and life itself.


Breast massage leads me into a

deeper understanding within

my physical body and I have never slept so soundly since bringing this into my regular routine, not to mention a stronger connection to my feminine essence and vitality through self-touch.


Moving through blocks and trauma brought profound epiphanies. I didn’t realise I had any trauma!

However, through simple human experience and learning in my 20s without realising at the time, how unsafe in moments I felt and where my yoni needed support.


It was so significant to release these blocks with the guidance from Isabel and I feel an overwhelming sense of love, gratitude and contentment thanks to her. Now I feel deeply safe and so heart filled regarding the layers of intimacy in my inner and outer worlds.


Connecting to my gorgeous Yoni on a deeper level has been so enriching in all areas of my life.

I feel a new level of depth to my own self-connection, security, confidence, consciousness and vibrancy.


This has been a beautiful journey that will continue in my everyday life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and yoni Isabel. I look forward to more juicy work with you, embracing this unlimited pleasure xx'

Marcy - Sexuality coach

Working with Isabel was such bliss and transformational experience.


I worked with Isabel for a few months on my sexuality and orgasms


I did a lot of work on my sexuality before and yet working with her has supported me to expand and deepen my experience of orgasms and life.


Her space holding is soft yet very powerful. 

I had a massive breakthrough in our work together and since then my experience keeps deepening.


She changed my perspective, my vision and my experience of orgasms with insights, tools and practices that I still use. 

I am feeling safe to surrender even deeper with myself, my partners and with God/goddess


I highly recommend working with her, she is a powerful mentor.

Dilma - Crystal clear therapies Portugal

Isabel is the perfect person to teach about Pleasure.

Her program was inspiring & educational.

I loved seeing her natural beauty and applying the exercises helped me

feeling more feminine and in my power. 


Annabelle - Author 

Isabel course is such a beautiful invitation to connect to our body and our pleasure.

It is delivered in a sensitive way, and it is very educative. 

Isabel holds space beautifully and created a safe container for us to have this experience. 

Highly recommended. 

Christina Webster

'Isabel holds a deeply compassionate and transformative space, her depth of presence bringing

a beautiful sense of containment and sacredness.​

During our sessions together, her fluidity and intuition gently supported my journey into deeper insight. For me, she provided the perfect balance of receptivity and holding, which empowered me to connect with my own deeper sense of knowing.

Our time together facilitated such a big and powerful step forward on my journey towards wholeness.

So very grateful for her grace and wisdom'

Lisa - Bodyworker and Massage Therapist

Isabel is an amazing facilitator and therapist.

She is warm, gentle and highly intuitive.

I felt a huge shift after completing her online course Invitation.

It has really supported me

in being more present, loving and accepting towards myself.

I feel empowered to be present with wherever I am at, more able to sink into my senses and use them as a vehicle

to experience deeper pleasure in my life, as well as having a greater awareness around how to safely be with

and heal trauma held in my body. 

Isabel holds such a gentle, loving and accepting space, which really helped me to feel safe and held throughout the process.

She is very supportive and passionate, which comes through in her teachings, as well as sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience from many different therapies. 

I would highly recommend her if you are in need of support to heal trauma or connect deeply to yourself, your body, pleasure, passion, sensuality, sexuality and your wisdom."

Jasmine Christie - Anamundi

Working with Isabel was a completely new experience for me and such an enlightening gift that arose at an unexpected time in my life.
Although I’ve always had a sense that the body holds its own intuitive wisdom, Isabel’s knowledge and intuition opened up to me an entire world of bodywork that I had no idea existed.


Once introduced to her work, I found myself looking forward to every session,

excited and open to trust in Isabel and her process, and allow myself to witness what my body had to say.

Every single time I could not have predicted what arose - it was amazing!


Although sometimes challenging, the work was a beautiful practice in surrender

and trust in deeper body wisdom.

Throughout the entire process Isabel’s gentle energy, patience, and authentic sincerity made me feel supported, held, and empowered to go deeper, and together we explored a deeper truth my body was trying to show me.


I highly recommend Isabel and her work, it is very powerful and the results are both real and magical.

Sarit -Herbalist, 
bodyworker & yoga teacher

Much gratitude for you Isabel, for such an incredible journey. 

Your guidance throughout the course was so gentle and supportive. 

I felt held in this beautifully inspiring exploration of self. It really allowed me to understand the depths 

and the importance of self-love and self-pleasure. 

This course nourished all parts of me, teaching me ways to show up for myself. 

In the course, I was able to heal, shift and release old blockages, showing me ways

to really sit in presence with myself which now, I'm feeling more comfortable and free within. 


Thank you for your courage and passion Isabel thank you for your sharing, 

Thank you for showing me the way. 

Please keep sharing this work!!! 

I see and I feel and have a knowing now of its importance. 


Thank you thank you thank you xxxx


Applications open for 

4 months PRIVATE COACHING to awaken the radiant woman within you
to UNleash your greatest power and experience your deepest pleasure



Every woman deserves to shine in her beauty and to witness her beauty and magnetism.

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