What if you could experience epic pleasure

and feel wildly worthy

of living the life, you desire?

What if there is nothing wrong with you and

if your intimacy, confidence and aliveness is the most precious relationship you can easily cultivate within you?


Have you been on a self-development journey, but you feel that there is something still holding you back from living the life you desire?

I know that story, that’s why I know that there is a radiant womxn within you that is waiting to be heard.

The Womxn I have the pleasure to work with,

are often the reflection of my own journey

They are ready for a change, as they recognise that have been pushing away their desires, ignoring their intuition and their pleasure.

They have tried other things, but they haven't gone to the core of it.

Have you ever thought

it must be something more than this?

Are you familiar with

I am feeling disconnected from my pleasure and my arousal

I am experiencing pain or numbness during intimacy

Once I meet someone, I will be happy and satisfied in my life  

I am in a relationship, and our sexual connection has dissolved

I am carrying old things that don't allow me to connect to pleasure

I am too busy or stressed to prioritize self-love and pleasure

I have low self-esteem. That's why I don't do certain things to keep myself comfortable



Did you know that

Under numbness there's often sadness and anger, and under those emotions is our deepest pleasure & aliveness

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I'm Isabel 

A teacher, guide and mentor and this work is my deepest passion

and honour to share.

My introduction to this work began over 10 years ago,

at the time I was feeling really disconnected from my body, going through eating disorders, not loving myself and attracting unavailable relationships

I have done many training and courses, I was enjoying my life but

I was also blocked from feeling my deep woundings.


One day, deep grief cracked me open. 

That’s when I realised that it must be something more to life,

and for the first time committed to myself and I began 

a full somatic healing journey

Being real with my desire of becoming

the woman I knew lived within me,

gave me the courage to meet  my deepest grief and unworthiness with pleasure

I know the pain of disconnection and I’ve seen what that creates, I’ve seen it in myself and womxn around me, that’s why I am so passionate and dedicated to taking all of myself in what I offer to my clients

how I am different ?

This is my lived experience

I am not here promising a quick fix.

I have been on this journey for over 10 years,

and I am taking all of the wisdom and best tools to support you through a real transformation.

I'm a trained therapist and coach.

During the sessions, I'll be using deep somatic work, modern coaching modalities, neuroscience,  Tantric practices and my background in therapy.



I am highly passionate about guiding women to move from numbness pain and disconnection.

transcending old conditionings around

‘not feeling good enough’,

and support them to release from their coping mechanisms,

deep down to the roots of what is holding them back from embracing their full potential, 

pleasure and self-worth.

This is why I have created this transformative online programs!

Are you ready to live the life you desire?

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book in 



What I am offering is

A safe and supportive space for you to get clear in your desires 

Creating a pathway for you to embrace your desires

Going to the root of limiting beliefs and re-empower what no longer serves you

Moving from numbness pain and disconnection to pleasure

Moving from shame and transcend you inner critic and blocks into passion and aliveness

Emotional empowerment

Learn how to connect to deeply to your body and trust your inner wisdom

Healing family, social and cultural conditioning

Reclaim your Queen and establish beautiful and healthy relationships

what women have experienced

Wow! What an incredible journey Isabel has led me through, and I'm forever changed because of it.


I was taken through deep and ten-week gentle and transformative processes that supported my inner child released trauma and healed relationship wounding.


I didn't realise that working through this allowed me to tap into my orgasmic nature

and find pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of my life.

Isabel's intuitive wisdom was exactly what I needed to step into my power and connect to my pleasure.


I felt safe, held and supported by Isabel, and I'm so grateful to have received her love and guidance.







'The stars truly aligned for me meeting the divine Isabel.

Her guidance has brought me beautiful shifts within my self-connection and life itself.


Breast massage lead me into a deeper understanding within my physical body and I have never slept so soundly since bringing this into my regular routine, not to mention a stronger connection to my feminine essence and vitality through self-touch.


Moving through blocks and trauma brought profound epiphanies. I didn’t realise I had any trauma!

However, through simple human experience and learning in my 20s without realising at the time, how unsafe in moments I felt and where my yoni needed support.

It was so significant to release these blocks with the guidance from Isabel and I feel an overwhelming sense of love, gratitude and contentment thanks to her. Now I feel deeply safe and so heart filled regarding the layers of intimacy in my inner and outer worlds.


Connecting to my gorgeous Yoni on a deeper level has been so enriching in all areas of my life.

I feel a new level of depth to my own self connection, security, confidence, consciousness and vibrancy.


This has been a beautiful journey that will continue in my every day life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and yoni Isabel. I look forward to more juicy work with you, embracing this unlimited pleasure xx'



Working with Isabel was a completely new experience for me and such an enlightening gift that arose at an unexpected time in my life.
Although I’ve always had a sense that the body holds its own intuitive wisdom, Isabel’s knowledge and intuition opened up to me an entire world of bodywork that I had no idea existed.


Once introduced to her work, I found myself looking forward to every session, excited and open to trust in Isabel and her process, and allow myself to witness what my body had to say. Every single time I could not have predicted what arose - it was amazing!


Although sometimes challenging, the work was a beautiful practice in surrender and trust in deeper body wisdom.

Throughout the entire process Isabel’s gentle energy, patience, and authentic sincerity made me feel supported, held, and empowered to go deeper, and together we explored a deeper truth my body was trying to show me.


I highly recommend Isabel and her work, it is very powerful and the results are both real and magical.




I have created 


A 12-weeks transformative program to awaken a powerful Queen within you


Clarity is the path to success.

It is very empowering to get clear in what we want and to take steps to get there.

We will be doing this together and creating a plan for our time


Going to the root of limiting believes and re-empower what’s no longer serving you

it's a fundamental step into real transformation.


In our body, we are storing all the trauma, and blocks that are preventing us from living our desires.

During the sessions, we will connect with any blocks that our body is holding


We will be discovering your unique anatomy of arousal and addressing any blocks related to pleasure, experiencing orgasms, and awakening your multiorgasm self


For all the times that we haven't been seen, heard, for the times that we were not good enough, or too much, for the precious part of you that has needs to be met



Most of the Shame we all carry around pleasure comes from this conditionings.

Healing shame is the key to sexual freedom



It's important to embody our emotions, to find a healthy way of expressing them and yet, it's important that we learn how to work with them in an empowered way


This will allow you to move from trauma and repetitive programs into pleasure and confidence

in all areas of your life



Sex magic will help you to bring dreams into reality


Thriving is my biggest desire for all women, your desired life is unique and it's my pleasure

to support you in this journey


I am also here to support you in your relationships, whether you have a partner, lover or you want to attract the right person for you, also any other relationship that comes into this journey


1:1 online coaching sessions via zoom


recorded practices


exercises & videos to integrate & deepen our sessions


guided meditation


weekly email support


personalised webpage where to track your progress and weekly practices


discount for my live & online events


a special yummy gift for you

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Are you ready to dive in ?





prices in AUD

Pay in full


3 Monthly payments


6 Monthly payments of