The Magnetic 


12 weeks Immersion

to pulsate pleasure & aliveness

in all areas of your life!

This PROGRAM will be available again in 2022

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For every Woman ready to reclaim her Magnetic Presence

and live the life she desires with Pleasure and Abundance

The magnetic woman, deeply know who she is, what she wants and how to get it

She is deeply connected to her body, to her pleasure, to her erotic essence and desires.

She is unleashed in her sexuality.

She knows how to attract what she wants in life from Pleasure.

She embodies the art of abundance & freedom

She knows the depths of her Soul

She is fully taking responsibilities, to radically love herself &

designing the life she's always dreamt of.

She is within you,

are you ready to connect with her?


How would your life be different  if you were to
fully unleash your feminine power?


We are not here for the fairy tale..

..not a prince or some magic will change you.

It's your drive, willingness and readiness that will transform you!

When you fully dive into this journey,

you'll begin to embody Magnetism, as a new mapping

You will dare to desire as you'll trust yourself and you'll know the way to attract what you want!

Fears, inadequacy, insecurities, shame...

everything is welcome, I deeply know these places,

and I also know how to support you to move through any of these blocks

You are not alone,


I've got you!

After MY first GROUP program,

women have

Found their soulmate

Experienced pleasure in all areas of their life

Felt sexy and alive after a long time

Healed past trauma

Reclaimed their body and femininity

Reconnected intimately with their partner

and this time we are going so much deeper

Have you ever wanted to learn more about sexuality, having a deep feeling that it must be more than what you know,

a yearning to dive deeper, 

but never felt safe to explore this before?

That was me, it took me years of studying therapy, sex, love, relationship,

working with complex trauma, to understand what real safety is, and how to hold space for it.


I have created this program for every woman that..

- Is feeling, numb and disconnected from her pleasure

- Keeps attracting the same patterns in relationships or attracting not available partners

- Has lost intimacy in her relationship

- Wants to learn more about sexuality and tantra but is not feeling safe

in the "tantric/conscious communities

- Feels disconnected from her femininity and sexuality

- Keeps pushing in life, feeling busy, unhappy and keeps putting others first

- All the times she tries to do something she is feeling alone and unsupported

- Has been pushed down in her self expression as a child and

keeps sabotaging herself when she tries to rise up.

I know this very well.

This is my story, a story that some days it's still affecting me, and yet..

I have created a mapping for you to dismantle this,

to move from your self-sabotage and old patterns and choose yourself.

 You would be able to connect to your pleasure every time you want, even in hard times,

would totally change your connection to your body,

creating deeper intimacy, career & relationships as you've always desired deep within.

Imagine feeling worthy of living the life you desire and experiencing pleasure,

bringing you so much abundance and joy in all areas of your life?

Imagine feeling empowered in your erotic expression,

attracting the perfect relationship or saving your current one.

Imagine how learning the Art of your Magnetic presence can give you the confidence to begin living your dreams, being successful with the work you love,

expanding your creativity and feeling life flowing at you with ease..

and... There is no age, shape or race that can define your sexyness,

we all have a powerful body that can open up to experience

the most EPIC pleasure & abundance.


And what if


Hi, I'm Isabel

I am a lover of pleasure, beauty and women stepping into their power.

I love guiding women blossoming into their gifts and thrive

in all areas of their life, with pleasure & abundance 

I naturally give Permission for 'women to embody pleasure', 

and I love creating really safe containers for women to open up

to their most delicious selves and live a turned-on life

I am very Strong... and very Soft

I am very Passionate & also Graceful.

I stepped fully into this path during the biggest grief of my life.

I've learned on my body how to embrace pleasure when everything falls apart.

It's ART to love ourselves not only when the external world makes us happy

I remember when my life was disconnected from deep embodied pleasure

something was missing.

I was feeling depressed, at times hopeless and lonely.

My journey in this path has been big, a massive exploration

that lead me to know who I truly am, my potential and my mission.

I moved from


  • Attracting unavailable partners to a healthy relationship.

  • Numbness to aliveness

  • Feeling lost in my life, to living my purpose

  • Lack of sex in my relationship to thrive back in eroticism

  • Eating disorders to Looving food and having total piece with it & my body

  • Feeling shame about feeling good and sexy in my body, (habitual pattern of shrinking) to walk unapologetically my essence

  • Unworthy to confident & putting myself out there

  • Survival to confidence and abundance

when I said  YES  to pleasure



This is an invitation for you, to learn

everything I wish I knew back then!

I literally have so much to offer to you, embodied practices, tools, rituals, mindset work, personal experiences,

stories, a wealth of knowledge & more...

Also, all of my offerings are trauma-informed, and client/student-centred modality,

this means that I will always stand here for your wisdom and guide you to trust your own intuition!

I genuinely believe in you, and one of my superpowers is to help you shift old conditionings

until you shed all the unworthiness that is holding you back.


Are you ready to join?

Yes please



Live group calls via Zoom

Weekly practices to integrate the modules into your daily life

Private FB community

Email support

A safe container that welcomes you exactly where you are

in your journey to pleasure

All the calls will be recorded if you can't attend live,

also, all the content will be available to you for

3 extra months after the end of the course


What women have experienced

"Isabel is an amazing facilitator and therapist.

She is warm, gentle and highly intuitive. I felt a huge shift after completing her online course Invitation.

It has really supported me in being more present, loving and accepting towards myself.


I feel empowered to be present with wherever I am at, more able to sink into my senses

and use them as a vehicle to experience deeper pleasure in my life,

as well as having a greater awareness around how to safely be with and heal trauma held in my body. 

Isabel holds such a gentle, loving and accepting space, which really helped me to feel safe and held throughout the process.

She is very supportive and passionate, which comes through in her teachings,

as well as sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience from many different therapies. 

I would highly recommend her if you are in need of support to heal trauma or connect deeply to yourself,

your body, pleasure, passion, sensuality, sexuality and your wisdom."






Much gratitude for you Isabel, for such an incredible journey. 

Your guidance throughout the course was so gentle and supportive. 

I felt held in this beautifully inspiring exploration of self. It really allowed me to understand the depths 

and the importance of self-love and self-pleasure. 

This course nourished all parts of me, teaching me ways to show up for myself. 

In the course, I was able to heal, shift and release old blockages, showing me ways

to really sit in presence with myself which now, I'm feeling more comfortable and free within. 


Thank you for your courage and passion Isabel thank you for your sharing, 

Thank you for showing me the way. 

Please keep sharing this work!!! 

I see and I feel and have a knowing now of its importance. 


Thank you thank you thank you xxxx




Isabel course is such a beautiful invitation to connect to our body and our pleasure.

It is delivered in a sensitive way, and it is very educative. 

Isabel holds space beautifully and created a safe container for us to have this experience. 

Highly recommended. 



Isabel is the perfect person to teach about Pleasure.

Her program was inspiring & educational.

I loved seeing her natural beauty and applying the exercises helped me

feeling more feminine and in my power. 





12 weeks program to pulsate pleasure and aliveness

in all areas of your life 


I will teach you all my secrets, mindset and tantric practices to make a shift

in your life and say YES to yourself, embodying the Magnetic Woman within you,

the one that can create the life she desires!

Are you ready to have it all?



Week 1-4

pleasure awakening

You will be diving into a deep connection to your body, learning how to deeply listen to your own body wisdom, boundaries and desires.

Embody everything about the Art of pleasure and awakening the magnetic woman within you. 


Week 5-8


Emotional mastery 

Bringing pleasure in discomfort.

Understanding trauma in the body and healing subconscious patterns

Moving from blocks and limitations to expansion.

Stepping into the worthiness of pleasure and living a turned-on life

...and so much more!


Week 9-12


Sexuality as a life force.

Connecting to your unique erotic blueprint.

Intimacy and expanding your

multi-orgasmic nature

Thrive in the world and share your gifts from your power centre