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Hi, I'm Isabel

A Sexuality, Relationships and Leadership coach


my mission

I support individuals and couples to embody deep pleasure and freedom.

To fall in love with the all spectrum of life, including our unworthiness, our fears and shadows so that we can liberate our body and claim it all.


As a mentor, I guide people to step into their power, to feel wildly worthy to have it all, EPIC PLEASURE, INTIMACY & TO THRIVE to feel empowered in their purpose and as LEADERS.

I am known for giving permission to people to feel safe and free to express who they truly are, to come home in their sexuality, integrate their shadow and access their deepest pleasure and erotic nature.


Every being who embodies their authenticity and brilliance has the power to transform the world. 


My journey

I was the classical strong INDEPENDENT WOMAN. I needed to prove to myself and the world that I could do it myself, I thought I was free.

Completely out of balance in my feminine and masculine energy,

I was either going through cycles of collapsing and going through so much

Self-doubt and unworthiness or overworking, burning out and in total overwhelm.

Going constantly through patterns of sabotage, attracting unavailable relationships,

I couldn't do intimacy, going through food disorders, and living financially in a ‘just enough’ mode. 

I was playing small for years without even realizing it, suppressing the powerful Magnetic Woman within me.

Until a day...

7 years ago my brother choose to leave his body, during my deepest grief and rapture, I kept hearing a voice, deep within my Soul


There must be something more than this


At that moment, when the world as I knew it shattered, everything in my internal landscape changed. I was no longer satisfied to live in the moment, I realised that the freedom that I was so attached to, was a big fear of commitment to myself. 

Grief and loss lead me through a big SEXUAL AWAKENING & LIBERATION, 

cracking me fully open to living in my fullness. 


At that moment, that level of depth, fully transformed my connection to pleasure and intimacy taking me through a massive Awakening and Soul enquiry, which opened the doors of my new life.

Since that day Sexuality, Aliveness, Healthy Relationships, Worthiness and Self-Actualisation became my biggest drive my biggest healing and devotion and also my mission, to supports women around the world to live their lives in love and ultimate freedom




The powerful woman within me that deep within knows that she deserve it all

The one that deeply knows herself,

she knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it.

She knows her purpose, she knows her power, she claims it all

She knows grief, her pain, her shadows and she goes there creating the deepest intimacy with the cycles of life

She is connected to her body wisdom and she is is liberated in her erotic expression

She embodies healthy relationships, opening up her heart to life

She welcome abundance as a birthright

This work, the work I am inviting you to, is the work that changed EVERYTHING. 

So you can bask in the glory and beauty of all that you are so much sooner than I did.

So you can awaken your full power and full radiance with ease, joy, and support 


Credentials & Training

Majored in Women's Sexuality, Relationships, Tantra

Opening to Love/ Conscious Dating


Sex, Love and Relationships Coaching

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Somatic Therapy, Trauma and Transpersonal Counselling


Embodied Movement Facilitator


Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant

Byron Bay

Over 6 years of business experience

5 years of lived experience in embodying my purpose, leadership, and additional studies and coaching around pleasure based business, self worth, money and abundance. 

Plus 1000's hours in other wellness trainings, courses, workshops and retrets.

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