Hi, I'm Isabel

Somatic Therapist, Mentor and Embodiment Coach

I support women to experience

EPIC PLEASURE and to own, and rise in their LEADERSHIP with authenticity and abundance.

I support women to embody deep pleasure and freedom.

I guide women to step into their power, to feel wildly worthy


As I know the deep pain in my soul when I feel disconnected and lost from my own pleasure and power. 

That's why my mission, passion and purpose are to empower women around the world to access their confidence, truth, and magnetic presence. 


I believe each and every woman deserves to live a fulfilled life,

to feel joy in their hearts, to experience profound intimacy, and to feel empowered in their purpose. 


I dream of a world where all women feel safe and free to express who they truly are in ALL their brilliance and desires. 


Every woman who embodies her authenticity and brilliance has the power to transform the world. 

my mission


What I keep witnessing

When Women don't EMBODY their full potential, their Erotic life force

They keep feeling


I see women disconnected from their Pleasure and stuck in conditionings

and beliefs that are blocking them from feeling

a deep sense of freedom and aliveness. This creates cycles of 

  • Self-doubt

  • Burn out

  • Shutting down



I know the feeling, I've been there myself

I was the classical strong INDEPENDENT WOMAN. I needed to prove to myself and the world that I could do it myself, I thought I was free.

Completely out of balance in my feminine and masculine energy,

I was either going through cycles of collapsing and going through so much

Self-doubt and unworthiness or overworking, burning out and in total overwhelm.

Going constantly through patterns of sabotage, attracting unavailable relationships, I couldn't do intimacy, food disorders, and living financially in a ‘just enough’ mode. 

I was playing small for years without even realizing it, suppressing the powerful Magnetic Woman within me.

Until a day...

Almost 6 years ago my brother choose to leave his body, during my deepest grief and rapture, I kept hearing a voice, deep within my Soul


There must be something more than this


At that moment, when the world as I knew it shattered, everything in my internal landscape changed. I was no longer satisfied to live in the moment, I realised that the freedom that I was so attached to, was a big fear of commitment to myself. 

Grief and loss lead me through a big SEXUAL AWAKENING, cracking myself open to living in my fullness. 


At that moment, that level of depth, pleasure and intimacy took me through a massive Awakening and Soul enquiry, which opened the doors of my new life.

Since that day Pleasure, Aliveness, Worthiness and Self-Actualisation became my biggest drive my biggest healing and devotion and also my mission, to supports women around the world to live their lives in love and ultimate freedom




It took me years of dedication, healing and studies

Years of Radical Self-love, Embodiment, Courses and Therapy

to rewire my nervous system, re-writing the stories of lack and unworthiness and reconnect

to the Magnetic Woman within me.

The Magnetic Woman

Deeply knows herself, she's connected to the cycles of nature

she deeply knows who she is, what she wants, how to get it.

She is sexually liberated, and she deeply listens to her body

She lives in abundance, she is confident, she knows her purpose and power

This work, the work I am inviting you to, changed EVERYTHING. 

So you can bask in the glory and beauty of all that you are so much sooner than I did.

So you can awaken your full power and full radiance with ease, joy, and support 



I will guide you to EMBODY your most delicious Pleasure

and  Erotic life force in all areas of your life


In my work, I go deep down to the core beliefs and patterns 

Whether you are working on confidence, sexuality, trauma, shadow work, money

I will guide you to do it in the most pleasurable way,

to embody the most exquisite version of yourself and to live a turned-on life!

This is my lived experience

I am not here promising a quick fix.

I am offering a DEEP EMBODIMENT to support you through a real transformation.

I'm a trained therapist and coach.

During the sessions, I'll be using Psychosomatic Therapy, Modern Coaching Modalities, Neuroscience, Tantric & Deep Embodiment Practices

I'll offer you lifetime tools, and my background in therapy.


I look forward to journeying with you!

how is my work different ?


Pleasure is your birthright

When you connect to your radiance you return home to your truth

Credentials & Training

Sex, Love and Relationships Coach

Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Somatic Therapy, Trauma and Transpersonal Counselling


Embodied Movement Facilitator


Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant

Byron Bay

Over 6 years of business experience

And 4 years of personal experience in embodying my purpose, leadership, therapy, studies and coaching around pleasure based business, money and abundance. 

Plus 1000's hours in other wellness trainings, courses, workshops and retrets.