Hi I'm Isabel

I am a somatic therapist, mentor and embodiment coach

supporting women to experience Epic pleasure, 

confidence and aliveness in all areas of their lives.

I guide women through deep healing journeys, so they can feel safe

to open their bodies and hearts to reconnect to their inner radiance and power.


I am dedicated to supporting women to reconnect

to their true essence, to feel

their wholeness and worthiness of expressing with freedom and safety who they truly are.

During the hardest time of my life, when my brother choose to leave his body, during my deepest grief and rapture,

when I felt totally lost and disconnected, I kept feeling



there must be something more than this


The day before he left we made a promise to each other to do this journey of life together. 


The day after he left I felt unbearably alone.  I couldn’t comprehend how we were doing this together. 


In that moment, when the world as I knew it shattered, everything in my internal landscape changed. 

I was no longer satisfied to live in the moment.

I had thought I was a free spirit, I was working as an embodiment facilitator and holistic therapist,

in a healing path for many years, and yet, I was constantly going through sabotage patterns, attracting unavailable relationships,

going through food disorders, and living financially in ‘just enough’ mode. 

I was playing small for years without even realizing it, and was carrying a deep core feeling of absence, of missing. 


But now, as I look back that from that exact day, my grief, loneliness,

and desire for "something more" has been my drive to go through my deepest healing

and crack myself open to living in my fullness - not just for me, but for both of us.   


The loss of my brother, my own grief, became a portal for a deep Soul enquiry. 


I entered a massive journey, for many years I questioned if I would ever be happy again,

the guilt and grief were so big and confrontational.


At the same time, I was ready to connect to wholeness and the best version of myself.


Pleasure, aliveness, worthiness and self-actualisation became my biggest passion.


It took me years immersed into dedication, studies and healing

through Modern Psychotherapy, Tantra and Mindfulness.

Years of radical self-love, embodiment and therapy to find a mapping

that supported me to emerge from my own unworthiness,

from deep family conditionings and trauma, to fully open my heart to life,

to feel worthy of living a life in pleasure and aliveness.



Today, I am the Woman that once upon a time I knew she was inside of me but I couldn’t access


The woman that knows who she is, what she wants, how to get it.


The woman that fully loves herself, that knows how to relate in a healthy way and experience deep and radiant love.


The woman that fully loves her body and breathes life through pleasure, even during hard and challenging transitions.


The woman that is living in abundance, confidence and radiance.


And now it is my purpose to offer this to transformation to others.

I bring a deep embodied presence from my background, lived experience and trainings

in Somatic Therapy, Tantra, Taoism, Sexuality, Movement Therapy, Trauma,

Ayurveda, Meditation, Breathwork, Communication & Coaching.

Together we create a map  for every woman to remember who she truly is, to heal from trauma, to heal her heart, to connect to her pleasure, to feel wildly worth, and to live the life she most desires. 




Pleasure is your birthright

When you connect to your radiance you return home

to your truth

my mission

As I know the deep pain in my soul when I feel disconnected and lost from my own pleasure,

my mission, passion and purpose

is to empower women around the world to access their confidence, truth, and

magnetic presence. 


I believe each and every woman deserves to live a fulfilled life, to feel joy in their hearts, to experience profound intimacy, to feel empowered in their purpose. 


I dream of a world where all women feel safe and free to express who they truly are 

in ALL their brilliance and desires. 


I know that every woman who begins to live life in touch with her greatest wisdom, brilliance, and power truly transforms the world. 

'Isabel holds a deeply compassionate and transformative space, her depth of presence bringing

a beautiful sense of containment and sacredness.​

During our sessions together, her fluidity and intuition gently supported my journey into deeper insight. For me, she provided the perfect balance of receptivity and holding, which empowered me to connect with my own deeper sense of knowing.

Our time together facilitated such a big and powerful step forward on my journey towards wholeness.

So very grateful for her grace and wisdom'



"Isabel is an amazing facilitator and therapist.

She is warm, gentle and highly intuitive.

I felt a huge shift after completing her online course Invitation.

It has really supported me in being more present, loving and accepting towards myself. I feel empowered to be present with wherever I am at, more able sink into my senses and use them as a vehicle to experience deeper pleasure in my life, as well as having a greater awareness around how to safely be with and heal trauma held in my body. 

Isabel holds such a gentle, loving and accepting space, which really helped me to feel safe and held throughout the process.

She is very supportive and passionate, which comes through in her teachings, as well as sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience from many different therapies. 

I would highly recommend her if you are in need of support to heal trauma or connect deeply to yourself, your body, pleasure, passion, sensuality, sexuality and your wisdom."



Bodyworker and Massage Therapist