Since a teenager, Isabel was very fascinated about relationships and intimacy.

She was curious, playful and always in seek of a deeper truth.

she loved learning from lived experiences.

After many years working as an artist,

she felt a strong call for a deeper exploration.

Over 10 years ago Isabel moved into learning, many healing modalities,

that's where her deep transformation began.

About 5 years ago, Isabel lost her brother, he choose to end his life,

since then her passion grew even more, she kept feeling

it needs to be something more to life,



Isabel was no longer satisfied to live in the moment, she realised that she was playing small

and always felt that something was missing!

She was ready to connect to a deeper truth; 

pleasure, aliveness, worthiness and self-actualization became her biggest passion.

In the past years, she also attracted her first committed healthy relationship,

that she couldn't access before because of old mechanisms that were blocking that.

That's when she became so passionate to empower women around the world to access their confidence, truth,

magnetic presence and to live a fulfilled life 

Today she offers a deep embodied presence and knowledge from her background & trainings in

Somatic Therapy, Trauma, Tantra, Taoism, Sexuality, Movement Therapy,   

Ayurveda, Meditation, Breathwork, 

Communication & Coaching.

'Isabel holds a deeply compassionate and transformative space, her depth of presence bringing a beautiful sense of containment and sacredness.​

During our sessions together, her fluidity and intuition gently supported my journey into deeper insight. For me, she provided the perfect balance of receptivity and holding, which empowered me to connect with my own deeper sense of knowing.

Our time together facilitated such a big and powerful step forward on my journey towards wholeness.

So very grateful for her grace and wisdom'



"Isabel is an amazing facilitator and therapist.

She is warm, gentle and highly intuitive.

I felt a huge shift after completing her online course Invitation.

It has really supported me in being more present, loving and accepting towards myself. I feel empowered to be present with wherever I am at, more able sink into my senses and use them as a vehicle to experience deeper pleasure in my life, as well as having a greater awareness around how to safely be with and heal trauma held in my body. 

Isabel holds such a gentle, loving and accepting space, which really helped me to feel safe and held throughout the process.

She is very supportive and passionate, which comes through in her teachings, as well as sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience from many different therapies. 

I would highly recommend her if you are in need of support to heal trauma or connect deeply to yourself, your body, pleasure, passion, sensuality, sexuality and your wisdom."



Bodyworker and Massage Therapist


Pleasure is your birthright

When you connect to your womb you return home to your truth

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