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Get instant access to your pleasure through simple practices that you can easily bring in your everyday life 

Reawaken pleasure to feel confident and sexy in your life!

I thought this program for the first time 2 years ago, and women still to this days are telling me how much it changed their lives!


In this course I will teach you how to tap into your juicy energy ANYTIME you want or need.

I will guide you to tap into the MOST JUICY & SUBTLE SENSATIONS of your body so you can open up to more pleasure in my everyday life.

My bigger desire is for every woman to feel empowered, to live from her deepest essence and to thrive!
I’m here to take you on a journey of exploration, and I'm so looking forward to it! 

This INVITATION is for you


What's included


Awww... sooo much juiciness!


- A safe container to open up your body to experience pleasure

- Psychosomatic, tantric and taoist simple tools to reawaken pleasure in your body, to heal your heart and open up to ultimate self love, juicy date nights to connect to your erotic nature 

- Lectures, practices and meditations

- A journey to  embody of the powerful woman within you!


How long is the course?

There are 8 steps, so you can either do it in 8 days or you can allow one or two days in between each step to deepen the practice.

It is recommended to commit to it (not having more that 2 days in between) so you don't lose momentum. 

How long are the practices for?

Some of the practices are 5 min per day, and others 1 hour

I am feeling really disconnected almost numb in my pleasure is this course good for me?

Absolutely, this course is great whether you feel disconnected or you need a refresh, m a container to reconnect again to your juicy and sexy self.

Once you learn the practices you can learn a pathway to reconnect to your pleasure within 5 minutes

Is this course trauma informed?

All my courses are trauma informed, this course has a module that speaks about trauma, and how we easily disconnect from pleasure because of it, and how to attend to ourselves when we experience disconnection or numbness.

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What women have experienced

'The stars truly aligned for me meeting the divine Isabel. 

Her guidance has brought me beautiful shifts within my self-connection and life itself. 


Breast massage lead me into a deeper understanding within my physical body and I have never slept so soundly since bringing this into my regular routine, not to mention a stronger connection to my feminine essence and vitality through self-touch. 


Moving through blocks and trauma brought profound epiphanies. I didn’t realise I had any trauma! 

However, through simple human experience and learning in my 20s without realising at the time,

how unsafe in moments I felt and where my yoni needed support. 


It was so significant to release these blocks with the guidance from Isabel and I feel an overwhelming sense of love, gratitude and contentment thanks to her. Now I feel deeply safe and so heart filled regarding the layers of intimacy in my inner and outer worlds. 


Connecting to my gorgeous Yoni on a deeper level has been so enriching in all areas of my life. 

I feel a new level of depth to my own self connection, security, confidence,

consciousness and vibrancy. 


This has been a beautiful journey that will continue in my every day life. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and yoni Isabel. I look forward to more juicy work with you, embracing this unlimited pleasure xx'

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