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A whole year of devotional eroticism  and  intimacy to liberate

the most sensational version of yourself



For the woman with fire in her belly, for the woman that won't settle for anything else than the full expression of her Soul


For the woman that is so deeply devoted to herself

that knows that there is way more to life.

For the woman that is ready to heal and to listen to the whisper of her power and reclaim everything that she is and beyond.

For the woman that wants it all, the most sensational relationship/s, juicy and erotic love making,

a work that turns her on as she lives her legacy in the world.

This is for you.




What's included

Literally everything !

  • Every single course & masterclass I will be offering in the 12 months

  • 1 mentoring call per month, where I will be coaching you the topics that are deeply alive for you

Sexuality & Tantra

Intimacy and Relationships

Opening to love & dating

Embodied magnetism

Deep polarity

Women's empowerment

Confidence & Self Worth

Embodied Leadership

Pleasure based Business

Money empowerment

and if the group becomes too big I will be doing 2 monthly calls or longer ones, but one thing for sure you will be coached!

  • Community, private group of epic women diving deep on a journey with you, and much more!

The only step from who you are and your true power

is to CLAIM yourself , liberate your body and  devote your Soul

to true love & intimacy 


TANTRA OF MONEY - The Art of opening to money as a lover

WORTHY - Reclaim your leadership

DRIP - The Art of Self Pleasure

& more to be revealed

NOTE: This portal  is currently on Beta price, there are other courses in the making, 

once that will be defined, the  price will also raise

When a woman liberates her erotic life force, she embodies

her greatest power, and met in her deepest yearning



If you join Devotion by the 1st of November you get to access

Tantra of Money this  year and what will be the updated version in 2023

Isabel & devotion

Isabel is a sexuality, women’e empowerment and leadership coach, and the host of the CLAIMED podcast.

Isabel is a passionate entraprenour, with her background in somatic psychotherapy, tantra, coaching, she offers a deep embodied expertese on pleasure and eroticism as a way of creating a more fullfilled life, with ourselves and in our relationships.

Isabel has been on a Self development path and Tantra for over 13 years, and yet her life completely shifted when she deeply devoted  and claimed herself about 5 years ago.

Back then she was lost, she was feeling lots of shame, healing the biggest grief of her life, not knowing which direction to take, how to truly use her gifts and contribute to the world.

She was also attracting unavailable relationships and while she was a big dreamer she was also subconsciously feeling so deeply unworthy that kept attracting the same patterns around intimacy, relationships, career, money and more.

What deeply changed for her was DEEP DEVOTION, she knew back then that it must have been more to life from what she was experiencing and so she started a deep healing journey and found herself.

Her devotion lead her to mentors, teachers and containers that supported her growth in all areas of her life.

That's why today she is bringing this portal for you all.

It's easy to hide beyond the ups and downs of life, and to settle for ease, but when your body and Soul are calling you for deeper awakening and you don't listen and fully embrace your power out hurts, beyond what we are aware in the present moment of.

Isabel is now mentoring women all around the world through her private coaching, courses, podcasts, live events





Mentorship, courses, community and more


Standard $5,555


Please note, this is the Beta price, ones more programs will be confirmed

the price will go up



12 months payment - $555


VIP $8,000 USD or

$10,000 USD

Available by application only

The first includes monthly private coaching sessions, the second includes 2x months private sessions and the both have unlimited Voxer support

limited  VIP spots available  APPLY HERE

What women have experienced 

I recently completed The Magnetic Woman and one on one coaching with the amazing Isabel. 

I was so excited to start each new module and put in practise what we were learning. 

She was very detailed in how to do each practise and her nurturing personality and openness made it easy to feel comfortable.

Her skills and knowledge as a coach are phenomenal.

I proceeded to have huge shifts throughout the 5 months of being coached by Isabel and my life will be forever changed and enhanced by her presence. I have implemented many of the embodiment practices into my everyday life and feel such a deeper connection with my body and feminine and masculine essences.

I would highly recommend Isabel if you are looking for someone who can truly understand and support you with in your healing journey from a conscious space. I had been looking for someone for quite a number of years who I aligned with to support me in this space, and I am so blessed to have found Isabel who is incredible.

Thank you, Isabel, from my heart to yours. <3

'Working through this allowed me to tap into my orgasmic nature

and find pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of my life'

Wow! What an incredible journey Isabel has led me through, and I'm forever changed because of it.

I was taken through deep and ten-week gentle and transformative processes that supported my inner child released trauma and healed relationship wounding.

I didn't realise that working through this allowed me to tap into my orgasmic nature

and find pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of my life.

Isabel's intuitive wisdom was exactly what I needed to step into my power

and connect to my pleasure.

I felt safe, held and supported by Isabel, and I'm so grateful to have received her love and guidance.

KARYN LOUISE - Sex love and relationship coach

Working with Isabel and getting into my magnetic sensual connection with myself has made

an incredible impact on how I create my own fulfilment daily. 
Isabel creates such a safe space to explore the layers of intimacy and pleasure within,

clearing blocks that I didn’t even know were there. 
The magnetic woman is a beautiful course that has allowed me to expand into new concepts of self connection, flow and trust and I have a thirst to be my most multi-orgasmic pleasure self for soley me,

and embrace that for my experiences on my path!

This learning is so fun for me, as I’m passionate about being in unity with myself

and this education is juicy icing on the cake!

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