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Are you ready to have a juicy AF relationship with money,

to be met in the deepest yearning of your Soul

and to be a fuck yes to life in everything you desire?




OMG imagine if money was your lover

Imagine if money WANTS YOU?

If money was here ready to meet you? Fully devoted to you and ready to create the most turned on life together?

Imagine, as the most exquisite love making, juicy and alive relationship based on a deep sense of trust, presence and freedom.

Imagine consciously make space for quality experiences, giving yourself the best of what you deserve, you honour each others needs while creating healthy and sexy boundaries that supports this relationship.

and.. up in your most authentic self, creating a relationship that is based on trust aliveness and eroticism, for a long term sustainable growth..


How juicy would that be? 

Do you relate to this?

  • Working very hard to make money and subconsciously you know that there are some parts of you screaming for freedom

  • Moving between contraction and expansion, ups and downs around it, which creates lots of stress in the nervous system and instability

  • Calculating in advance all the money you receive, how they will be spent... yes, that one!

  • Lack of money, keeping attracting survival patterns

  • Anxiety when you have or receive big sums of money, fears that they will finish, not knowing if they will spend them wisely etc..

  • Hoarding

  • Spending all the money as soon they receive it

  • Big fear of failure

  • Feeling unworthy of money, undercharging, fear of asking for more money or a pay rise

  • Feeling unworthy of having it all, the money/ lifestyle/ or work that thrills their Soul

Most of the people I know whether is conscious or subconscious are holding so much money trauma, often core relationships are broken because of money, often surrounded by people that are constantly affirming of not having enough, or having so much fear or denial around their money wounds


Often these signs present with fear of stepping into our power, avoiding anything related to money (looking at the bank account, not paying bills, asking for a pay rise or child support, not claiming the money we deserve.

I have rarely met someone having had a very empowering and juicy education around it.


Other times they present with big fears, constant worry, fear of spending or buying things as a way of validating a short sense of worthiness

Many people I know, work really hard for money, constantly in burnout, they often subconsciously believe that pushing is the only way to  create what they want, This is not much different from survival patterns

Some people are really good at receiving and manifest it, but can't hold it.

Or maybe you don’t trust that you can make much more money of what is already ‘designed for you’ 

Ex: this is what people in my field, the government or the company pay for this position…  

Or, ‘this is what the people around me can afford’, so you subconsciously feel stuck in limiting loops around money.

Others hold money really tight with fear of losing them, and often they struggle to expand to the true pleasure and abundance that life has to offer

Many don't know how to increase their income and stay with their comfort, but also feel stuck.


What if Money LOVED YOU much more than you can imagine

Imagine now feeling free and turned on about money,


Imagine feeling worthy of being valued what you really deserve, feeling grounded and embodied when you ask for money, and expanding your capacity to constantly receive big amounts of money.

Imagine feeling excited about paying your bills, your taxes and not having to worry when there are some emergencies.

Imaging BREAKING FREE the limitations of your design, and be the exception that makes much more money you, or people around you, thought you could make.


Imagine feeling compensated when you take time off for yourself,

being a full f*ck yes for life, treat yourself with what you deeply desire, yummy clothes, travels, healing, education... support loved ones and so much more.


The truth is that especially for women dealing with money is VERY new, and we are still living in a hold paradigm of success of working hard, pushing and survival, while the masculine is also operating in old conditionings of working hard and having to proof themselves and their worth.

Tantra of Money


Tantra, embodiment practices, awakening the power of your turn on, money in the nervous system, long term sustainable expansion, neuroscience, mindset work, rituals, ceremony,

healthy structures for biz and life, pricing, live calls and Q&A 





Tantra of Money - Money as a lover

Build a juicy relationship with money,  money empowerment,

create a solid foundation for financial freedom, the art of erotic spending

Money Intimacy

Create a secure attachment style with money, money in the nervous system,

microdose your new reality 

The Art of the liberated Feminine

Liberated feminine, the power of eroticism, codes of wealth, open the body to receive,

the power of the dark feminine

The Art of the liberated Masculine

Liberated masculine, self worth, clear vision and purpose

healthy structures in biz and life,  pricing & mindset


Heal your money story

Integration, rewrite your money story, break the rules and be the creator of  your life,

take up space and be seen


The Art of Manifestation

The secrets to attract money, the art of eroticism, embody your success today, 

the energetics of Money

Devotion to financial freedom

Devotion to love, to healthy relating and to a turned on life, expand the capacity to receive, 

step into true abundance and make more money than you need, long term journey with Money


(details coming soon)

What will you get

  • Recording of the live calls

  • 8  weekly transmission and teaching through live calls and Q&A

  • Recorded practices to integrate and deepen the teachings

  • Fun action and prompts to take in your daily life, so you can embody the changes right away 

  • Mindset and journalling to change your frequency around Money


About Isabel & Money

Isabel is a sexuality, women’s empowerment and leadership coach, and the host of the CLAIMED podcast.

Isabel is a passionate entraprenour, with her background in somatic psychotherapy, tantra, coaching, she offers a deep embodied expertese on pleasure and eroticism as a way of creating a more fullfilled life, with ourselves and in our relationships.

Isabel has dedicated herself for the past 6 years to break through money conditionings and trauma, moving from scarcity and survival to feeling safe and expand beyond what she thought it was possible for her, and also moving from a big sense of unworthiness to offering a work that thrills her Soul.


She engaged in thousand of hours between workshops, coaching, somatic psychotherapy, embodiment practices books, podcasts that have deeply supported her journey..

And yet what really changed her relationship to money was a deep therapy session where all the previous healing and work dropped into a deeper layer of awareness. 

After that session she has been on a self enquiry journey for a year, where she used all her expertise as a sexuality, intimacy and relationship coach, and her background of somatic psychotherapy to heal self worth conditionings and to embody an empowered sustainable relationship with money and expand her business. Through that deep inner enquiry she birthed Tantra of Money

Isabel has offered Tantra of Money as a 8 weeks online course last year, workshops around Australia and Europe.

All her students have gone through massive shifts and deep long term understanding and embodiment of the Tantra of Money methodology.

Today Isabel is offering all her embodied wisdom to create a sensational relationship with money and love the life of our deepest yearning.

Tantra of Money is beyond Money

This course it's so much more than a money course, IT'S CLAIMING YOUR TRUE  POWER, tantra, deep polarity, conscious relating, personal empowerment, solid biz foundations, devotion, magic healing and so much more

Previous students after the course have experienced, big healing and expansion of their work and money manifestation, connecting to the deepest yearning of their Soul,

claiming their power, the most epic love making ever, 

big shifts in their romantic relationships and so much more



1,333 USD






Available by application only

This includes 4 private coaching sessions

(also available 6 and12 private coaching sessions with unlimited Voxer support) 

limited  VIP spots available APPLY HERE

If you are on the yes no maybe fence..

Reach out for a 15min call to connect with what is holding you back

so I can support you to come back and make a decision from your empowered self

What previous students have experienced

'A truly surprising and awakening workshop, Tantra of Money has shifted my senses of what’s possible,

I’ve gone from fearing money to loving it.'

‘I feel this workshop liberated my potential and permission to feel joy, connection and abundance in relation to money.’ 




'I feel so grateful to have whole heartedly experienced tantra of money. Every being who was part of the journey had some type of awakening and sparkle added back to their Soul. I cannot wait to see how we evolve and use our perspective lens.

Thank you thank you thank you!'


'The value of this workshop it's much more of what you charge, this workshop and your knowledge are incredible'


'I felt all the practices were really shifting something, not only my mind but really in my body and subconscious level.

Thank you Isabel for your passion about this topic, it's very much needed and I really hope you will reach thousands of people'

What I am taking from this workshop is truly putting myself first and living my best life.

I am learning how to claim myself, and not lowering anymore my prices to please others,

and to build a loving relationship with money 

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