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Yoni steaming

A Yoni Steaming Journey to awaken and heal your womb
through ancient practices and embodiment

Yoni steaming is a very ancient practice for every woman to return home to her truth!

The wisdom of this practice has been passed through generation as a healing of our womb

After facilitating Yoni steaming sessions for over 4 years,I have witnessed women

reconnecting to their pleasure and sexuality in a really beautiful and gentle way.

I have also witnessed women healing from past traumas

and reconnecting sexually with their partners after a long time.

Session details  (75 min)

The sessions are held at my place 15 min from Byron Bay.

They are designed to clear stagnant energy and come back to our physical, emotional,

sexual and spiritual connection to our feminine nature.

The sessions can be intimate for yourself or you can come with a friend.

You will be provided with sauna, herbs, sarong, towel and a little refreshment

Single - $130

With a friend - $200

Yoni Steaming can support you with


Womb Cleansing

Increase Libido


Connection to sensuality

Deepen Connection to your feminine essence

Menstrual Pain


Hormone imbalance

Fibroids, ovarian cysts

PCOS & Endometriosis

Postpartum Healing

Uterine Irregularity & Prolapse

Irregular / Missing Menstrual Cycles

Clots and brown blood

Trauma Release

UTI / Yeast Infections

Menopause / dryness


Don't steam if


You have any type of IUD

During your menstrual cycle

If you are pregnant or you think you might be pregnant

For fertility support it's important not to steam during or after ovulation

If you have open wounds and/or sores around your yoni

If you have any genital piercings

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