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DEEPER DATING 3h Immersion


Whenever I ask friends or clients what they want to experience in their relationships, whether they are dating or committed they reply... I WANT SOMETHING DEEPER


I have created DEEPER DATING to rewire your relational patterns and to feel confident in how to deal with the other during dating, from feeling magnetic, being desired, messaging/ communication and staying in your power while you create intimacy


This immersion is designed for you to feel 

  • Empowered in your relationships
  • You can claim yourself your needs and desires
  • Turned on and alive in your dating experiernce 
  • A magnetic woman that attracts incredible connections
  • Deeply aligned attracting people that claim you
  • Safe to unleash in your erotic expression
  • Confident to communicate your needs
  • You have a strong foundation for your thriving relationships
  • Aligned with your core values 
  • You can create deeper intimacy in your dating experience






- Deep Transmission Immersion

- Education

- Journalling prompts 

- Activation practice





Whether you have already met someone or not, the way we sho up at the very beginnings of any connection shapes the whole relationship.

This is a great opportunity to shift your relational patterns and to be met in your connection and to create solid foundations for epic relationships


I honestly feel this course should be told at school!

Feel free to share with any friend that might benefit from this


I honestly can't wait to deliver it and to have you in there! 





  • This course doesn't offer refounds

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