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'When a woman is connected to her pleasure and turn on, she is connected to her power'

Do you remember a time when you felt alive and sexy, when you felt that everything was possible and you were deeply connected to your passion and in your relationships.


Yes life happens and many times it's not easy but that's not the reason why we disconnect.

We often let that go becasue we don't feel worthy to have it all, and the first place we disconnect from is our aliveness, our eroticism.


How much goodness do you allow yourself to receive?



It's time

It's time for women to truly embody their erotic life force and claim their power


To live in turn on is our CHOICE!


This is for you if there is an area in your life where you are not connected to your turn on and aliveness, wether is within yourself, in your choices, relationship or career


This two parts masterclass is designed for you to awaken the fire within you, your erotic life force, the core essence of your aliveness, of your creativity and your leadership.








  • 2 days live immersion + embodiment practices Q&A


  • Prompts and challenges to expand even deeper in your everyday life, and some extra surprises







Alive - Turned on Woman Immersion


2st August

3nd August


All the live calls will be at 4pm AEST


Everything will be recorded if you can't join live





There are no refunds for this masterclass and you will have access to it until the end of August

ALIVE - Turned on woman immersion

Price Options
One-time purchase
$33.00every week for 3 weeks
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