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Isabel Lamar


I'm Isabel,

Sexuality, Relationships and Empowerment mentor

I support women and couples to experience Epic Pleasure, Confidence and Aliveness, to thrive in all areas of their lives, within themselves, in their intimate relationships and in business

I guide individuals to awaken their Magnetic Radiance, 

to come back to their body so they can step into their full power, live in freedom, be sexually liberated and experience profound intimacy.

In my work, I combine the embodiment, wisdom and tools from Somatic Psychotherapy, Modern Coaching, Tantra, Mindfulness end Neuroscience

I go deep down to the root beliefs and patterns,

that are keeping you repeating the same patterns and 

feel wildly worthy of EPIC PLEASURE, INTIMACY & TO THRIVE!

Find out more about me 




You are worthy of living your deepest desires 



This is the right space if you are after permission and support to have it all!

The love, the intimacy, the career, the freedom, the wealth and the most epic sex

And I'm here to guide you 

Mentoring with Isabel

Liberate yourself!

Awaken the radiant essence within you

Unleash your greatest power and experience

your deepest pleasure

During the session, we work together going deep down to the root, to rewire your nervous system from old conditionings.

I'll bring my background of somatic therapy, deep embodiment and powerful practices I help you to embrace your authentic self so you can experience ultimate freedom

and live in your erotic body with safety and aliveness

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To have Isabel as a guest speaker in your online program, podcast, workshop or summit contact here

A  free pleasure practice for you

Liquid gold

A Womb practice to awaken your Pleasure and feel more connected to your body and sensuality.


What women have experienced

'Working through this allowed me to tap into my orgasmic nature

and find pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of my life'

Wow! What an incredible journey Isabel has led me through, and I'm forever changed because of it.


I was taken through deep and ten-week gentle and transformative processes that supported my inner child released trauma and healed relationship wounding.


I didn't realise that working through this allowed me to tap into my orgasmic nature

and find pleasure and satisfaction in all areas of my life.

Isabel's intuitive wisdom was exactly what I needed to step into my power

and connect to my pleasure.


I felt safe, held and supported by Isabel, and I'm so grateful to have received her love and guidance.


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