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Welcome again!!!

An invitation for this course is to focus on your primal desire, and trust that focussing on one, core desire will open up doors in many other ways in your life.

As Women, we tend to have lots of ideas and often we struggle to choose.

In the week 1 journalling, there's a question 'What I would love to get out of the Magnetic Woman program' I really invite you to connect with your core desire, where would you like to be in 5 months.

It's important that this desire it's personal, that is about yourself, and trust that everything will work around it, that we will be taking steps together through this program to work towards it.

If any of you needs support to refine their desire, we can connect about it, in our weekly calls.

I invite you to do the practices and meditations at least 2 times per week/ or module, definitely more if you feel the call to do that.


It's really important for me to share that this program it's not goal-oriented, but it has a feminine-pleasure approach.

This means a few things

  • I will suggest doing the program in the order that is delivered. If at any times the practices are too much for you or you need to rest, I suggest honouring yourself, we can debrief what it's presenting in the weekly call, and also process what's arising. If you triggered, please reach out to the Facebook community, and remember to practice Self Care. If you are feeling out of your window of tolerance, please reach out to me.

  • During the live calls, you can bring any celebrations, questions, any blocks that are arising, and there is also a possibility to have coaching with me around what it's presenting.


Only for this group I offer single private sessions for $250 private message me if you want to book a supportive coaching session.

Other than that my availability will be during the live calls or in the FB group.

The program module will be released every second Wednesday morning


Live calls will be alternating between

Tuesdays at 6pm Sydney time

Tuesdays 9am Sydney time

A full calendar will be released soon



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