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Dates will be announced soon


Lover, are you ready to go deeper?

As humans we all all carry a deep Soul desire, a calling for real meaningful connection,

a deep desire to be fully met.

A yearning for more depth, for more.. union.

For more body, mind, energetic, orgasmic intimacy, connection.. for more love!


A deep calling to unravel in the depths of our beings and to connect in Sacred Union..

for that we need to go DEEPER

Deeper in yourself,

in your capacity to open up to real intimacy, connection & love

Deeper in your relationships,

opening up to a profound connection and to be met

in Sacred connection with the other

Who is this for?


Are you still attracting the same patterns in relationships, deep down not trusting man/ women..

Perhaps feeling empty after you connect with someone as if some parts of you as much

as they are enjoying the love or connection they are longing for more,

maybe scared to open up or not sure how to get there?

Or you have spent years by yourself, shutting down from love, or maybe you jump from a

relationship/ lover to another but not feeling fulfilled?

Or maybe you are scared with your beloved to open up to a next level of union and love..

ohhh... I truly know hoe that feels..


This is for..


The woman that feel that deep yearning to OPEN UP to something DEEPER in her relationships

For women that want to open up to love, intimacy, deeper connection & Sacred Union.


Whether you are dating or want to open to it

Or if you want to create a strong foundationin your relationship

Or if you want to shift gears in your relationship and go deeper,

opening up in parts of yourself that are shut down and bring some freshness,

renewal, passion and more depth to your relating.




They are not available, or not masculine/feminine enough, I don't trust them,

I am not turned on, I am shut down...


ian-schneider-PAykYb-8Er8-unsplash (1).jpg

When I ask people what they want in their relationships

(whether is with a lover or a partner..) the answers is the same:

I want something deeper, something is missing..




You FEEL, yes you deeply feel though your openings and deep down you know

what opens you, you know WHAT YOU WANT!

If your body yearns for more there is a reason!

However most of the people I work with they don't know how to receive,

they have big blocks when it comes to this

In order to be met in your fullness you need to allow first..

Tell me, are you willing to receive yourself?

Are you ready to CLAIM what you deeply desire?


Deeper is a month journey that will dive into the 4 pillars of thriving and sustainable relationships.

Deeper is a dive into real embodiment, not just theory, we are diving deep healing pieces of unworthiness to start attracting the quality of relationships you truly deserve.

This program will be shared as a live program only once, after this round it will be available

as a pre recorded self paste program.

If you join live you will have access to me as a mentor for Q&A and support throughout the program




Opening up to intimacy, to love and be loved.

To trust and the worthiness of being truly met in your deepest desires.




Learn how to include yourself, access your deep desires and learn how to create effective communication communication to expand in deeper growth,

polarity and aliveness in the relationship




Bringing turn on and aliveness by creating healthy polarity dynamics

and learn to trust the other, how to open up in your deepest longing 

and to create a long term attraction.




How to open up and create containers for highest love as a way of bringing

your connection to the next level, for a thriving relationship through devotion,

Sacred Union and tantra

and so much more..


What will you get 

  • Recording of the live calls

  • 4 transmission masterclasses through live calls and Q&A

  • Juicy  prompts to take in your daily life, so you can embody the changes right away 

  • Recorded embodiment practices to rewire the body from old patterns

  • Tantric mappings to apply in your relationship

  • Mindset and journalling to change your frequency around feeling worthy of the relationship or lover you deeply deserve

  • Telegram group to deepen in between the live calls, inspire and celebrate each other

About me & relationships

Hi I'm Isabel, a lover of depth, liberation and fulfilment.


Since I was a little girl I dreamt of LOVE

But I didn't had any mapping around intimacy


Until my early 30's I was attracting unavailable partners, I had fun with some lovers,

but most of the time I was left with a sense of emptiness.

I had a couple of long term relationships that were not built on trust (again unavailable)

and definitely not committed to thrive, to grow together or to Sacred Union..


9 years ago I made a choice that I would have that love I dreamt of..

I went on a deep journey of healing and opening my heart to intimacy, I rewired my conditionings and opening up to the masculine in a completely different way,  started to attract man that were fully available, ready for depth, commitment, family… however none of them was aligned


Until I met my partner (no we are not together anymore, but is still my beloved)

There was the depth of love I always dreamt of.. 


Built on Intimacy, Communication, Eros and Sacred Union.


To be honest 

It was not an easy journey, parts of me were so deeply scared

Opening to intimacy allowed us to access some of the core woundings, however we were both so deeply committed to that level of growth.. healing core fears, abandonment, rejection, patterns of 

co-dependency, avoidance.. AND WE DID IT! Opening to a love that was beyond any expectations..


-  2 years ago we broke up


Not because we didn't love each other, but we knew we needed to take separate journeys

People still feel the vibration of this love, a love that inspired so many that is still having

a massive ripple effect.


- Now I’m back in the dating world..


What I keep seeing that the way I relate and date is much different than most of the people I know..



1- I am a relationship coach (which doesn't mean much.. but definitely helps) 

2- In my relationship I have created an embodied mapping of love, intimacy, Sacred Sexuality, respect and a thriving relationship.. and yes this is EVERYTHING!


THIS.. The mapping I am talking about is what I am here to teach you, because I started creating that before I met my partner, is what allowed me to open to that level of love, and now it's much more refined!

A mapping that is as important when you open up to dating, as to create strong foundations or to break unhealthy patterns and attractions in your relationship…


If there are parts of you that are longing to go DEEPER.. let's do it! 










Available by application only

This includes 4 private coaching sessions

(also available 6 and12 private coaching sessions with unlimited Voxer support) 

limited  VIP spots available APPLY HERE

If you are on the yes no maybe fence..

Reach out for a 15min call to connect with what is holding you back

so I can support you to come back and make a decision from your empowered self


Is this a live training?

Only this round of Deeper is live, and only now you will receive the additional mentoring from me, telegram group and the Q&A support. Later on you will be able to purchase the program as a pre recorded course  

Who is deeper for? Is this specifically for people that are dating?

Is for anyone that wants to go deeper in their relationship (honestly 90% of the people I know would get so much out of it)

You don't need to be dating or on dating apps to join the course. You can also be just starting a new relationship and wanting to make sure not to create same old patterns, or perhaps being in a long term relationship and wanting to go deeper.

Also deeper doesn't apply only for people that want a monogamous long term relationship, if you want to explore your sexuality and go deeper into a more meaningful connection with a lover this is also for you.

I will share throughout the course some very important tips for the dating bees out there and most of those will apply for any type of relationship

Is deeper only for women? And what if I am attracted to other women/gender rather then man?

Deeper is for women and yoni owners. If you are attracted to women that is amazing, I absolutely celebrate that, any gender attraction, love and desire is totally welcomed.

During the course we will speak about polarities, not as a old paradigm man and woman but in a tantric as we all have inner qualities of feminine and masculine. also this is not about becoming something you are not, rather is about integrating parts that have been conditioned to to relate in unhealthy ways 

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for this program

What people have experienced?

Although this is my first relationship course, I have been working as a relationship and dating mentor for the past 4 years, and guided many clients to open up to love and thriving relationships.


Also my first group program 80% of the women ended up in a

long term relationship, most of them are still with the same parson,

one of them had a baby.

From a private client


Working with Isabel has supported me so much to open to my desires.  

After just 4 sessions with her, I allowed in to my life a spontaneous adventure with a gorgeous man where we made love for two days, this was after many years of not letting anyone in, and not allowing myself

to explore my sexuality with another.  

The container that Isabel has created for me, supported me to feel safe in this experience, to lovingly explore my blocks to my desires and to reconnect with the depth of sensuality. 

I really love the intimacy of this work, and how gentle, expansive and transformative it feels all at the same time. 

Thank you Isabel, I am excited to see where the rest

of our journey together will take me.  

CATHERINE, 35 - Melbourne

All the students of Tantra of Money have massive shifts in their relationships too (tantra of Money is a lot about relationships, as money is another relationship however is not the main focus, and much different from this course.


Here from a Tantra of money day workshop student


OMG That night after the workshop we had the most epic love making ever!!!

Yes darling I know the love making was magic.

A place I have wanted to get but haven't been allowing myself.

Big shifts are happening and I am so grateful for you

and your sharing to be part of it


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