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Magnetic Woman Photoshoot


Your inner magnetism, embodiment and authentic expression

Magnetic Woman is an empowering and embodiment photoshoot experience designed for you to reconnect

to your true essence, pleasure and radiance.

These sessions are a safe space to open up to your authentic beauty


They are catered both for individuals and entrepreneurs that want to up level their branding

and creative expression


These sessions have helped women to feel empowered, more connected to themselves,

in touch with their pleasure, and feeling sexy after a long time.



Photoshoots are available from December in the Byron Shire, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne,

Available in Europe mid year dates TBC, and Costa Rica in July

I am also open for travelling, reach out for enquiries


What women have experienced

Ahhhhh my heart is smiling so much!!!!!!

There are so many I love and am so deeply touched! 


I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! I am so grateful, I am in awe of your amazing captures! I feel so proud of myself and so much of this embodiment of sensuality expression is because of you!


You are an amazing photographer

You’re incredible 

These are exquisite 

You have captured my Soul


This has been the most amazing shoot I’ve ever had


You are my life photographer now.

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